Borve Lodge Estate: Fishing and Reservoirs

The Borve Lodge Estate Fisheries lie among some of the most beautiful scenery in the Western Isles. The streams flow through rugged mountainous terrain and journey just a few kilometers down to the west coast and its famous white sandy beaches. Most of these streams provide excellent spawning for salmon and sea trout and they flow in and out of numerous small lochs that provide the venues for targeting the returning adult fish.

The Estate’s main sea trout and salmon fishery is centered on the two lower lochs on the Laxdale River- Loch Fincastle and Loch Laxdale.

Loch Fincastle covers approximately 3 hectares lying just above sea-level and is only separated from the sea at high tides by the dam wall. From late June to early July Loch Fincastle provides the cream of the sport, with fresh run sea trout and grilse arriving. Loch Fincastle has two boats and being small and shallow it is easy to cover and to familiarise yourself with the best lies.

During summer spates, salmon and sea trout travel a mile further upstream to lie in Loch Laxdale which is slightly smaller than Fincastle. Just a few hundred yards downstream of Loch Laxdale is the ‘Old Pool’ which at times can be very productive, especially for salmon. Loch Laxdale has one boat which is essential for covering the best areas as this water is surrounded by flowering lilies and weed beds.

 For permanent residents in West Harris, fishing is free of charge and you can contact the Borve Lodge Estate on 01859 550358 to gain your free permit. The Estate Office must be advised in advance which Lochs/water are to be fished.


General Conditions

  • There are up to two rods on the Laxdale System available for visitors and four rods on the Fincastle System. These can be booked directly through the Estate Office.
  • It is important to note that the Estate always reserves the right for one rod on their fisheries.
  • Permits are issued in respect of one person only (unless otherwise stated) but do not give that person exclusive rights on any loch.
  • Permits must be carried at all times while fishing.
  • All lochs are FLY FISHING ONLY unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Estate.
  • ALL Salmon & Sea Trout fishing is currently catch and release only. Fish may only be kept with the specific prior authority of the Estate.
  • Anglers are requested to measure (or estimate) the length of returned fish. There are conversion charts in the fishing hut that allow you to estimate the fish’s weight from its length.
  • At the end of each visit, all catch details must be reported to the Estate, either by entering them into the Game Fishing Logbook, which is kept at the Fincastle fishing hut, or by contacting the Estate Office.
  • All anglers MUST always wear a suitable lifejacket when using boats and should avoid standing up while on the water. Lifejackets are available in the fishing hut.
  • Dogs are allowed but must be under full control or on a lead at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs.
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