Social Opportunities

Between 1951 – 2001 the population in Harris dropped by 50%, a stark reminder that the community badly needed investment. The Trust and the community have been working hard to reverse this trend and since purchasing the land in 2010 there has been a 20% increase in population, marking the first real progress for a very long time.

Prior to the Trust being formed, the initial steering group in 2007 identified that 35% of houses in West Harris were either holiday homes or self-catering cottages.  The Trust agreed that for there to be a sustainable community for the future, this housing imbalance must be addressed. The main focus was to increase the availability of affordable housing to enable young families to locate to the area. 

Talla na Mara

Along with the many economic and social benefits that Talla na Mara has brought with it, additionally the development has enabled 6 houses to be built in partnership with HHP. 

The houses are a huge bonus to Talla na Mara and the West Harris Trust. One of our board members is a resident while there are also 2 staff members that live across the road.

The houses are filled with young families and couples, and it’s great to hear the laughter of children in West Harris once again!! 

A further HHP development at Talla na Mara is in progress, which will again help to boost the population, and increase the availability of affordable housing.

House Plots

One of the primary  aims of the Trust is to strengthen and revitalise the community by attracting families into the area . 

We have therefore made available various plots of land for permanent residents priced significantly below market value. 

We currently have no plots available but, please feel free to contact Linda to express your interest.

Tel : 01859 503900                                                                                                                  Email :

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