Horgabost Pontoon

Our Pontoon is up and running for the summer!

2017 Prices

£150 a year

£20 a week

£5 a night

Payable at Talla na Mara

This payment will cover maintenance and installation costs and enable us to continue providing this feature well into the future, thank you!

The 81m x 2m pontoon manufactured by Airfloat MPS was purchased in 2013 thanks to grants received from LEADER and the Big Lottery. There was previously nowhere for small crafts to dock on the west coast, and the ideally situated pontoon now provides a safe way to do so.

The pontoon is available for use between April and mid-September, the exact date of which it is installed/removed from the water dependent on weather conditions.

We are also planning to set up a Moorings Association and install several moorings for public use in Caolas Tharasaigh. If you’re interested in using a mooring, or in frequent use of the pontoon, please get in touch.



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