The Trust

West Harris is a very special place: the spectacular beaches, flower-rich machair and local culture make it a much sought after holiday location and a very enviable place to live. The West Harris Trust is a community charity responsible for managing 7225ha of land on the West side of Harris.   We believe that a long history of declining population and limited opportunities can be turned around by local endeavour and that there is a bright future for our 150-strong community.

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Aims and Objectives

Revitalise the community by attracting new residents and creating housing and employment opportunities.

To manage community land and associated assets for the benefits of the crofting community of West Harris and the public in general following principles of sustainable development.

To advance environmental protection including preservation and conservation of the natural environment. 

Enhance the education of the crofting community of West Harris (and beyond) about our culture, heritage and history.

West Harris boundary marked in turquoise.