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Harris is a Special P.L.A.C.E

We want everyone to experience everything Harris has to offer.
But we need to have a balance between enjoying the best of the island,

whilst holidaying in harmony with the local environment and our community.
What’s needed from you when you visit is a pride of P.L.A.C.E

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Because the islands have lots of single-track roads, there are lots of passing places

for traffic to get by. 
Please don’t park in them. Ever.
Same goes for verges and in front of people’s gates. 
Just leave your car in designated areas when you go explore this extraordinary setting

Leave no trace.
Bin it or take it home. 
And reduce, reuse and recycle at the many recycling stations around the islands.
Job done


Always keep your dog on a lead.  Be alert for livestock
And speaking of canines, there are many working dogs here. They tend to live outside and don’t enjoy the privileges of domestic pets.  Don’t be alarmed.
The Outer Hebrides are blessed with abundant wildlife. Eagles, otters and orcas and so much more. 
Keep your distance and watch them do their thing.

Green Tent Icon

If you have a motorhome, stay in organised campsites or designated overnight parking spots.
Do pre-book pitches with plenty of notice. 
Get rid of toilet waste in chemical disposal sites
And don’t park in passing places, verges or on the island’s iconic machair
If you have to wild camp in a tent try to stay in organised campsites as much as you can:
Only stay in a single place for a single night before moving on.
Don’t camp next to your car, or in view of houses or beside the road.
Do bring a trowel and bury all solid toilet waste at least 30 metres from waterways.
And leave no trace. That includes litter and fire debris. And remember to take your tent home.
Sweet dreams


Before arriving, familiarise yourself with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code 
Show respect our islanders and our way of life. 
And please support our wonderful local businesses, from supermarkets to petrol stations from coffee shops to fresh seafood takeaways, as well as stunning arts, crafts, and a cheeky gin distillery or 2.
And…Keeping a smile on your face
Adopt island time, just not on the roads (let traffic pass!)
Remember you are on holiday!
And that’s that.

Tapadh Leat
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