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  • Can you keep what you find ?
    If you find something whether or not you can legally keep it depends on: where it has been left or found whether it is lost or abandoned, and how possible it is to find the rightful owner. As a general rule when you find goods that you know don’t belong to you they can be handed in to the police or a lost and found office if you found it in a public place like a bus or train. After a period of two months, if the person who lost them hasn’t gone to the police station or the lost property office, to look for them, you can claim them. If you knowingly keep something that doesn’t belong to you it is an offence.
  • Can you keep treasure ?
    If you find any ancient objects whether they are made of precious metal or other metals or clay it is called a ‘treasure trove’ and is the property of the Crown. If you find an object that might be a treasure trove, you must report it to the Treasure Trove Unit at the National Museums of Scotland or to a local museum or the local authority archaeologist. If you’re unsure if a find is a treasure trove, you can contact the Treasure Trove Unit for advice. If you find human remains or skeletons you must report these to the police as these are covered by different laws.
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